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About The Phoenix Centre for Creative Living

I start­ed The Phoenix Cen­tre for Cre­ative Liv­ing in the spring of 1982 as a Coun­selling Cen­tre in Kitch­en­er, Ontario. I devel­oped this web­site ini­tial­ly as a place for client resources.

In 1999, I began a week­ly blog, which turned into The Path­less Path. I wrote pret­ty much week­ly for most of the time between then and now; in the last decade our blog has been my main com­mu­ni­ca­tion mode.

I’ve main­tained my Body­work train­ing sec­tion; it’s a great resource for all things Body­work and Breathwork.

And there’s also a sec­tion devot­ed to the reduc­tion of stress and anx­i­ety.

I retired from coun­selling in 2013, and since then, Dar­bel­la and I have been travelling.

I have authored 5 books, and am devot­ing time to paint­ing and pho­tog­ra­phy.

Check out the resources, and drop us a line!


Over the years, I’ve writ­ten sev­er­al books, all focussing on Zen liv­ing and relating.

Each book is designed to clear­ly out­line ways to be self respon­si­ble and aware. You’ll learn the hows and whys, and find exer­cis­es, guides and good old fash­ioned advice. The links here lead to our book site, The Phoenix Cen­tre Press, where there’s more infor­ma­tion on all my books!

This End­less Moment 2nd. edi­tion

Worth­while change comes at a price. If you find your­self stuck in the mid­dle, then right now, you can do some­thing about it! It’s time to decide! 
Half Asleep in the Bud­dha Hall

Wayne’s “East­ern” book takes you by the hand and leads you to Zen-based peace of mind. 
Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits

Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits is a work­book for fig­ur­ing your­self out, and for liv­ing a more present and pur­pose­ful life. It is designed to be read and worked through, day-by-day, over an entire year. 
Find Your Per­fect Part­ner

A guide­book to dis­cov­er­ing what you re look­ing for in a rela­tion­ship, and then find­ing the person! 
The. Best. Rela­tion­ship. Ever.

Great rela­tion­ships aren’t a fluke. Learn how to dig deep and dis­cov­er the pow­er of ele­gant relating. 
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