We like to give it away!

Ever since the beginning of The Phoenix Centre for Creative Living, we’ve given away our writing (through the blog) and that also through free booklets.

In late 2019, I redesigned this site, and in the process decided to put the free booklets over on our sister site, The Phoenix Centre Press.

There are four booklets available:

Building Deep and Lasting Relationships

This 45 page guide helps you to build deep and lasting relationships, is titled (ironically), Building Deep and Lasting Relationships. The booklet discusses the theory and practice of relationships from my decidedly “interesting” angle. There are questionnaires and exercises . . .

The Responsible, Compassionate Relationship

This booklet is a continuation of Building Deep and Lasting Relationships. Build the next level of deep and intimate relationship through excellence in communication and integrity of action.

The List of 50

Please note! This booklet has been rewritten into a book! You can still download the booklet and get an idea of what’s in the book itself.

Interested in creating a new relationship that’s strong and really works? Do you want to be sure not to make old mistakes again?

Learn why you need a List of 50!

The Watcher

A Responsible Discipline for
Managing the Voices in Your Head
Learn to manage the voices in your head by establishing an “Observer / Coach” persona. This booklet provides practical lessons for learning to be in charge of your inner theatre. An excellent resource if you’re dealing with depression.

The booklets are and always have been free, but, if you want to support our writing, you can do so! Check them out!