Darbella’s Articles – Creating new patterns in your life

Two years ago I had my astrology charts done by Marielle Croft. This past year has been filled with many interesting changes in my life so when my birthday was approaching I decided I would like an update reading done this year. The tape arrived near the end of this past week. It seems that I am in a period of time when I am examining my core beliefs and changing those that no longer serve me well.

This period of time, starting last April, is a time of a major break through for me. It will involve cracking the shell of my existence at a very deep level. From this place there will be a blooming into an expanded power. It will require letting go of all the beliefs I have created in my life that are not serving me well anymore. I guess I was on the right track when I wrote about letting go last week. It will involve creating new habits in my life.

I find it interesting that I did in fact experience a shift last April or May. June has always been a difficult month for me and I breezed through with very little pain or drama this year. I was almost all the way through the month before I noticed. July was spent at Haven, a time to refocus my energy and seek clarity in my life. Since returning home I am aware of a difference inside of me. I am noticing a greater sense of peace. Life has indeed changed.

Marielle pointed out that letting go of my beliefs will require that I change old habits that are not serving me any more. It will require that I examine the patterns in my life that are not working any more. Definitely a process I worked on while I was doing Phase One at Haven. The whole program is designed to create a life laboratory and experiences where participants can try new ways of doing things. A laboratory for experimenting with new patterns.

I think it is easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the old patterns. In this place, too much energy is wasted struggling against old, ingrained patterns that have been part of our life for a very long time. This leads to obsession about change and often little change results. It is easy to become lost in the struggle and the obsession.

Marielle’s reminder was a good one. She suggested that this is not a struggle against old habits. Instead, she encouraged me to ask myself what new habits I want to create to empower the goals that I want to manifest. I know this to be true and it was a wonderful reminder. Trying to change and obsessing about the old patterns resurfacing again and again results in being stuck.

Instead of fighting against something, it is better to use our energy to create something new. When we practise these new habits, they will use the space normally occupied by the old habits. The old habits will naturally fade away as they are used less and less. Fighting against old habits becomes an obsession and this is not helpful. Empowering something new will bring attention away from the old patterns. This involves bringing the new patterns foreground and allowing the old patterns to fade into the background. The ones that are ingrained in us since childhood are probably not ever going to go away – they can fade into the background.

I find it interesting that Marielle suggested that I spend more time breathing. I have been thinking about making a bigger place for breathing practice in my life. I even wrote about this last week. Breathing came up many times on the tape. I think I am getting the hint. In this case, she suggested creating a habit of breathing exercises every morning as a way to achieve the goal of more calmness in life. With time, the old habits of not breathing properly will slowly fade away as the new practices become stronger and stronger.

As you examine the patterns in your life, work toward creating new patterns that will empower your goals. Allow the old patterns to fade naturally. There is no need to fight against them. Making something new more important will allow the space to fill. With intention, the space can be filled with anything you desire. You are the creator of your own life.

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