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Two years ago I had my astrol­o­gy charts done by Marielle Croft. This past year has been filled with many inter­est­ing changes in my life so when my birth­day was approach­ing I decid­ed I would like an update read­ing done this year. The tape arrived near the end of this past week. It seems that I am in a peri­od of time when I am exam­in­ing my core beliefs and chang­ing those that no longer serve me well.

This peri­od of time, start­ing last April, is a time of a major break through for me. It will involve crack­ing the shell of my exis­tence at a very deep lev­el. From this place there will be a bloom­ing into an expand­ed pow­er. It will require let­ting go of all the beliefs I have cre­at­ed in my life that are not serv­ing me well any­more. I guess I was on the right track when I wrote about let­ting go last week. It will involve cre­at­ing new habits in my life.

I find it inter­est­ing that I did in fact expe­ri­ence a shift last April or May. June has always been a dif­fi­cult month for me and I breezed through with very lit­tle pain or dra­ma this year. I was almost all the way through the month before I noticed. July was spent at Haven, a time to refo­cus my ener­gy and seek clar­i­ty in my life. Since return­ing home I am aware of a dif­fer­ence inside of me. I am notic­ing a greater sense of peace. Life has indeed changed.

Marielle point­ed out that let­ting go of my beliefs will require that I change old habits that are not serv­ing me any more. It will require that I exam­ine the pat­terns in my life that are not work­ing any more. Def­i­nite­ly a process I worked on while I was doing Phase One at Haven. The whole pro­gram is designed to cre­ate a life lab­o­ra­to­ry and expe­ri­ences where par­tic­i­pants can try new ways of doing things. A lab­o­ra­to­ry for exper­i­ment­ing with new patterns.

I think it is easy to fall into the trap of focus­ing on the old pat­terns. In this place, too much ener­gy is wast­ed strug­gling against old, ingrained pat­terns that have been part of our life for a very long time. This leads to obses­sion about change and often lit­tle change results. It is easy to become lost in the strug­gle and the obsession.

Marielle’s reminder was a good one. She sug­gest­ed that this is not a strug­gle against old habits. Instead, she encour­aged me to ask myself what new habits I want to cre­ate to empow­er the goals that I want to man­i­fest. I know this to be true and it was a won­der­ful reminder. Try­ing to change and obsess­ing about the old pat­terns resur­fac­ing again and again results in being stuck.

Instead of fight­ing against some­thing, it is bet­ter to use our ener­gy to cre­ate some­thing new. When we prac­tise these new habits, they will use the space nor­mal­ly occu­pied by the old habits. The old habits will nat­u­ral­ly fade away as they are used less and less. Fight­ing against old habits becomes an obses­sion and this is not help­ful. Empow­er­ing some­thing new will bring atten­tion away from the old pat­terns. This involves bring­ing the new pat­terns fore­ground and allow­ing the old pat­terns to fade into the back­ground. The ones that are ingrained in us since child­hood are prob­a­bly not ever going to go away — they can fade into the background.

I find it inter­est­ing that Marielle sug­gest­ed that I spend more time breath­ing. I have been think­ing about mak­ing a big­ger place for breath­ing prac­tice in my life. I even wrote about this last week. Breath­ing came up many times on the tape. I think I am get­ting the hint. In this case, she sug­gest­ed cre­at­ing a habit of breath­ing exer­cis­es every morn­ing as a way to achieve the goal of more calm­ness in life. With time, the old habits of not breath­ing prop­er­ly will slow­ly fade away as the new prac­tices become stronger and stronger.

As you exam­ine the pat­terns in your life, work toward cre­at­ing new pat­terns that will empow­er your goals. Allow the old pat­terns to fade nat­u­ral­ly. There is no need to fight against them. Mak­ing some­thing new more impor­tant will allow the space to fill. With inten­tion, the space can be filled with any­thing you desire. You are the cre­ator of your own life.

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