Darbella’s Articles — Where the Fix is Found

I offered to take a friend to an “after school” gath­er­ing last week. She’d dri­ven to school — they live a cou­ple of blocks away. She decid­ed to call her hus­band and ask (or tell) her hus­band to walk over and pick up the car. 

Her hus­band agreed to do this. As we left the school, she not­ed that the car was still there. Just before drop­ping her off at home after the func­tion was over, we won­dered if her car had made it home.

My friend report­ed that her hus­band did things on his own timetable and that if she wait­ed long enough things would get done. She con­tin­ued explain­ing that “this is the trou­ble with her hus­band and her son.”

My friend tack­les tasks almost imme­di­ate­ly and stays at them until done, so  wait­ing is a dif­fi­cult thing for her to do. She exit­ed the car, com­ment­ing out loud, “If only he would do what I want, when I want and how I want — life would be so much eas­i­er for me.”

I think she will have a long wait for that to hap­pen! I laughed as I drove away, think­ing how often I notice peo­ple look­ing out­side them­selves for the mag­ic fix in their life when this fix is only found inside ourselves.

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