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I offered to take a friend to an “after school” gathering last week. She’d driven to school – they live a couple of blocks away. She decided to call her husband and ask (or tell) her husband to walk over and pick up the car. 

Her husband agreed to do this. As we left the school, she noted that the car was still there. Just before dropping her off at home after the function was over, we wondered if her car had made it home.

My friend reported that her husband did things on his own timetable and that if she waited long enough things would get done. She continued explaining that “this is the trouble with her husband and her son.”

My friend tackles tasks almost immediately and stays at them until done, so waiting is a difficult thing for her to do. She exited the car, commenting out loud, “If only he would do what I want, when I want and how I want – life would be so much easier for me.”

I think she will have a long wait for that to happen! I laughed as I drove away, thinking how often I notice people looking outside themselves for the magic fix in their life when this fix is only found inside ourselves.

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