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Some Thoughts about Body Image and Bodywork
Body Image

Karen Ann Bridge

Body Image
It is in our mind, deep in our physique
Embedded in our brain – from the past
Approvals / disapprovals
Judgement from others that we unfortunately chose to listen to,
somehow relating that the way we look actually has something to do with the person we are.

Oh, the list can go on:
Too tall, too big, too small,
the length of our hair,
the size of our breasts,
our nose, our eyes, our feet.

Hundreds upon hundreds of our physical parts —
that can be judged by others — then — judged by ourselves.

Picture someone you admire — yes, it is hard to do —
to picture them — it is more of a feeling.
When I think of someone I admire, I hold a deep feeling, a feeling of admiration, of respect, for who this person is — not the physical image.

When did it all start?
How young were you?
A disconcerting remark, from a parent, a friend, a spouse, society.
A remark – “I don’t like this about you” —
an unexpected stab in the dark.
You change
You change what you can
You change your weight
you change your hair
You change what you can to gain approval, to be liked
This becomes your focus.
This becomes your obsession
This becomes larger than it really is,
this becomes larger than life.

Anorexic? Bulimic? —
whatever it takes to be liked.
What if it is something you cannot change?
Your nose, your eyes, your shape
It is all you can focus on
And in our minds, the nose becomes bigger, our belly rounder.
This becomes a perceived fault in our mind.

A perceived fault that can consume your world.
You forget to live, to venture out
To experience life
You live in your mind.

We could meet 100 people
We could receive 100 judgements

When does it all end?

When you choose for it to end!

There are no judgements that matter
Not the ones from others
Not the ones from yourself
Not the ones in your mind.

Take a look around.
We are all the same.
The size, the shape, the colour may differ,
But we are all the same.

Step out of your mind.
Live life – experience life.
And remember —
Body Image: it is in our mind.

About Bodywork

Karen Ann Bridge

To me, Bodywork combines physical, emotional and spiritual factors.

To experience the knots release from the muscles is to experience a release of emotions (blocked emotions, emotions that for some reason were stopped dead in their tracks.) The knots can represent anger, joy or sorrow – but they need not have a label – they are just there. How much better our body functions when the knots are gone. Our energy, our chi, can flow through our bodies from head to toe, fluidly through the Chakras, grounding us to the earth, yet reaching to the universe.

How much easier we flow through our lives, how much easier we communicate, how much easier we can understand ourselves after Bodywork.

I have learned from Bodywork that the human body and human touch are not related to sexuality, unless you choose it to be. The comfort of being held in someone’s arms, cuddling on someone’s lap, or in a close embrace can be so physically, emotionally and spiritually satisfying if the judgement factor of sex (or anything else for that matter) is deleted from the equation.

Bodywork is a continuous evolution of allowing ourselves to unfold, and to unfold allows us to open ourselves to the world and all the wonderful experiences it has to offer.

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