Bodywork and Chakras

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About the CHAKRAS


Using massage and pressure to the Chakra point locations to conclude a Bodywork session (or as a session unto itself) makes a lot of sense, as the goal is to allow the chi to flow freely up and down the body. Depending on the state of the person’s chi, the sensation is relaxing or highly charged.

The goal for the person working with the Chakras is to feel the chi move along the the body; at each Chakra point, the chi is balanced between the root Chakra and the Chakra below the other hand.

The Indian system of Chakra work is another flavour of Bodywork. The word Chakra means "wheel" or "spinning wheel" in Sanskrit. It is thought that each of the seven Chakras correspond to a life area and a life task.

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Another way to look at this is to consider Kundalini Yoga. The theory is that a powerful store of energy lies coiled around the base of the spine, and that for most people, there it remains, in a dormant and less than useful state. Kundalini energy, with meditation (or, in our case, with Bodywork,) can be safely released from the base of the spine through light pressure, breathing and visualization.

The full release of this energy is quite powerful – even mind altering. The full release should be undertaken under the supervision of someone gifted in this area. 

A gentle release of a portion of the contained energy is something anyone can do. In keeping with our self-help model, we’ll suggest a way or two for you to begin to experience the power of the Chakras safely.

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