The Chakras and Psychotherapy — Throat Chakra

Speaking in Your Own Voice—The Throat Chakra

The fifth Chakra is one of the most inter­est­ing, and also one most like­ly to be blocked. This is the Throat Chakra, (coloured blue, above) and includes the neck, upper shoul­ders, the mouth and the jaw. This Chakra is the source of expres­sion and man­i­fes­ta­tion. And what is expressed or made man­i­fest (made real) is me.

So, a ful­ly func­tion­ing 5th Chakra per­son, unblocked in this area, will speak their mind with­out for­get­ting their heart. From a pure­ly “pic­to­r­i­al” point of view, the neck is the medi­a­tor between head and body, head and heart. The health of this area direct­ly reflects how true I am to who I am. At the same time, the health of this area direct­ly reflects my will­ing­ness to be true to myself with­out los­ing sight of the thoughts, under­stand­ings and con­cerns of those around me. 

As I said, rare in the indi­vid­ual who is not car­ry­ing some ten­sion in the neck, shoul­ders or jaw. We were taught, when we were young, inani­ties like “If you haven’t some­thing good to say (read, what the per­son wants to hear), don’t say any­thing,” “Chil­dren should be seen and not heard,” et cetera. While such expres­sions have with­in them ker­nels of truth, their intent was to cause us to learn to speak and act in social­ly accept­able ways.

stuffedIt’s a lot to swallow…

We were giv­en, over the first 16 years of our lives, a pre­scrip­tion for fit­ting in and not rock­ing the boat. We were taught to look out­side of our­selves for both the source of our prob­lems and their solu­tions. We were con­di­tioned to bite off our words, lest the big peo­ple offend them­selves. We were con­di­tioned to see life as a “bur­den to be shoul­dered,” which is main­ly “a pain in the neck.” In the process, we lost our spon­tane­ity, our zest for life and our voice. The Bible describes “stiff-necked peo­ple,” peo­ple who lived by rules and reg­u­la­tions, look­ing down their noses at others.

The ten­sion in this area is almost always the result of unspo­ken or un-enact­ed mate­r­i­al. In oth­er words, there’s stuff bub­bling up from the body and from the feel­ings (which, as bod­i­ly sen­sa­tions nei­ther “mean” any­thing, nor can the be under­stood with the mind. Peo­ple who fig­ure they have to under­stand why they feel the way they do waste far too much time.) And thoughts and under­stand­ings in need of expres­sion are perk­ing their way down. The “block­age” occurs at the 5th Chakra.

Most men have been con­di­tioned to be author­i­ta­tive and angry in their words and actions, when con­fronting a block­age. Women in the main have been trained to stuff things for the good of those around them, and to always be try­ing to make things bet­ter for oth­ers. One of the curs­es of the sex­u­al rev­o­lu­tion is that you now have “ball-break­ing” women using a male approach, and sis­si­fied men in whose mouths but­ter would­n’t melt. We now have great clots of both sex­es doing what does­n’t work for either.

And, of course, repeating what doesn’t work, over and over. God forbid we try something new.

Because of the great intu­itive nature of the human body, the ener­gy of whole­ness con­tin­ues to flow (either as a trick­le or a tor­rent) for as long as we are suck­ing air. In the depths of us, we know that there is anoth­er path, anoth­er way.

We are driven to seek wholeness, then we block ourselves when that path leads (as it always will) to letting go of everything, and grasping on to something new.

The some­thing new is the will­ing­ness to speak what I under­stand to be so, for me, with­out ran­cour, with­out mal­ice, and with a clar­i­ty that says, “This is so for me, right now, and this is also me, right now.” Being polit­i­cal­ly cor­rect, block­ing our­selves, behav­ing our­selves, doing what soci­ety wants or those around us demand, on the oth­er hand, is a sure recipe for disaster.

A few days ago, I sent a let­ter to the hun­dreds of peo­ple who have down­loaded The List of 50, one of our free book­lets. I asked for feed­back and illus­tra­tions from those that gave it a try. The idea is this:

Soci­ety and cul­ture tell us that we find a “sig­nif­i­cant oth­er” through “romance.” Through chance encoun­ters, we are swept off of our feet and fall head over heels. (Notice that both of these expres­sions are about falling down and becom­ing unground­ed.) There is a prej­u­dice out there that thought, that think­ing, is not an ele­ment to be engaged in when part­ner hunt­ing. The hor­mon­al tide is “true,” and the mind should be absent.

Well, if this were actu­al­ly so, why is there such a high divorce rate, and so many unhap­pi­ly mar­ried peo­ple? I would posit that this is so because we have the wrong idea about rela­tion­ships — despite the fact that this con­cept flies in the face “the cult of Hall­mark Cards.”

The List of 50 pro­pos­es that peo­ple actu­al­ly think about (and list) the char­ac­ter­is­tics they want in a part­ner. Impor­tant qual­i­ties like voca­tion and world view and self-explo­ration are stressed. Most peo­ple find this exer­cise to be dif­fi­cult, and most stick with it. In the process, they dis­cov­er (nat­u­ral­ly) a ton about themselves.

When they then choose to declare them­selves ready to meet the per­son they have described, most do begin to meet peo­ple more “sim­pati­co.” It seems to “just hap­pen,” but what actu­al­ly is tak­ing place is that the per­son has re-set their fil­ters to the new under­stand­ing, and they thus are see­ing those around them in a dif­fer­ent way. No magic.

I men­tion this because of some of the feed­back I have received. Uni­ver­sal­ly, peo­ple are writ­ing and say­ing that they now under­stand them­selves and who they are much bet­ter. Their choice to explore, in a sys­tem­at­ic and “real” way (i.e. on paper, fol­low­ing a struc­ture) allowed them to begin to shift gears on their under­stand­ing of how they worked with regard to relationships.

This is the “man­i­fest­ing” stage. Now, I want to dis­tance myself from the New Age crowd, who use that word dif­fer­ent­ly. I don’t for a moment believe that I can think some­thing into exis­tence. I don’t believe that mum­bling an affir­ma­tion will change any­thing. On the oth­er hand, if I say to myself, “I am ready to meet the per­son I just described in my List of 50AND I haul my butt out of my house and head to a “log­i­cal place,” (i.e. not a bar — then what I’ll like­ly notice is that, “mag­i­cal­ly…” I start to meet peo­ple who match what I have said I am look­ing for. The clar­i­ty of my thought and my will­ing­ness to “go and do what is nec­es­sary” allows what is new to come into being.

I was just talk­ing with a client about this very thing — about find­ing her­self and drop­ping her roles. She said, “I just want to find some­one I can be a good wife with.” I replied, “It might be more inter­est­ing and truth­ful to say, “I want to be me, as I under­stand myself, and I want to share me with oth­ers who will share them­selves with me.” I want­ed her to drop act­ing a role and begin to engage her 5th Chakra – to, in oth­er words, begin to be real.

With­out the need to manip­u­late oth­ers, of course. I treat oth­ers with dig­ni­ty and respect, not because I think they’ll then be “forced” to treat me that way.

I treat others with dignity and respect because that’s the way I treat myself.

I can say things cru­el­ly, or clear­ly. I can blame or I can take respon­si­bil­i­ty for myself. I can be cen­tred and ground­ed, or head over heels.

This week, eval­u­ate the ten­sion in your 5th Chakra region. Then, think about what you are doing that you don’t want to do, about what you are not say­ing that needs to be said. Seek the com­pas­sion­ate action and word, with clar­i­ty. See if the stiff­ness does­n’t begin to disappear. 

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