The Second Chakra — the Belly Chakra

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The Second Chakra—BELLY Chakra

chakra 2

The sec­ond Chakra is about rela­tion­ships and sex­u­al­i­ty, about pas­sion for life, 
and about the pow­er of chi.

The Chakra is locat­ed 2 inch­es below the navel, and in Chi­nese med­i­cine cor­re­sponds with the Low­er Dan Tien.

The colour of the sec­ond Chakra is bright orange.

The sec­ond Chakra is the rela­tion­ships Chakra. It’s about rela­tion­ships to any­thing – peo­ple, objects, even mon­ey. The ener­gy here is a com­bi­na­tion of “relat­ing,” sen­su­al­i­ty, sex­u­al­i­ty and passion.

If the ener­gy is blocked in this area, the lan­guage is usu­al­ly, “I feel dead from the waist down.” There is a heav­i­ness to the area, and press­ing on the low­er bel­ly might be painful. The per­son with blocked ener­gy here might have issues around the low­er GI, or with the low­er back or with the sex­u­al organs. Block­ages in this area also lead to loss of inter­est in sex.

Here’s a link to a video of a Belly Release Massage.

Buddha Belly

buddha belly

We con­tin­ue look­ing at the con­nec­tions between the body, mind, and spirit—this time mov­ing to the low­er belly/pelvis region. 

As I not­ed on the last page, cer­tain terms pop up in Google search­es which get sent to our web­site. One extreme­ly pop­u­lar search is “tipped pelvis.” I take this as con­fir­ma­tion of my obser­va­tion that most folk have “frozen” pelvises.

In ori­en­tal thought, the bel­ly is a reser­voir of chi (ener­gy,) a cre­ator of chi (at the low­er dan tien, or sec­ond Chakra point, 2 inch­es below the bel­ly but­ton and 2 inch­es inside,) and, by shape, indica­tive of one’s “Bud­dha-nature.” In Japan, the region is called the Hara, and hav­ing ‘big Hara’ is equiv­a­lent to say­ing some­one is “spir­i­tu­al.”

In the west, the bel­ly is thought of as the “soft, vul­ner­a­ble under­side.” There’s an ele­ment of courage / cow­ardice to the area (‘He did­n’t have the bel­ly for it,’) and the region in Body­work has a lot to do for both pas­sion for life (back pelvis) and sex­u­al pas­sion (front pelvis—big sur­prise, right?) Ener­gy in this area ought to flow freely, and hotly.

Back when Scott Peck (author of “The Road Less Trav­eled”) was alive, he’d do a lec­ture con­nect­ing sex­u­al­i­ty and spir­i­tu­al­i­ty. It’s includ­ed in his book, “Fur­ther Along The Road Less Trav­eled.”) There were many ref­er­ences to “horny monks and nuns,” reli­gious writ­ings that sound sus­pi­cious­ly “hot,” and a reminder that orgasm is almost always accom­pa­nied by cries of “Oh God!” Peck thought this was no acci­dent (betray­ing his Freudi­an influ­ences.) In both tra­di­tions, there is a sense that the bel­ly region is a vast reser­voir of energy.

c2 back

Here’s a link to a video of a Lower Back Release Massage.

Now, inter­est­ing­ly, releas­ing this ener­gy often involves work­ing on the mus­cles above and below the region—the legs, the sci­at­ic pock­et on the back of the butt, the mus­cle group right above the back pelvis. After these mus­cles let go, it’s pos­si­ble to “dig in” to the mus­cles of the front pelvis and low­er belly.

Phys­i­o­log­i­cal­ly, this makes some sense. The mus­cles tight­en and hold down in this area as a means of self-pro­tec­tion. Peo­ple with ‘big Hara’ tend to stand out in our but­toned-down, restrained soci­ety. Being com­fort­able in our sen­su­al, pas­sion­ate, sex­u­al skin is some­thing we make extreme­ly difficult.

I did a fair amount of Bodywork at a training event Darbella and I presented at The Haven a few years back. Two sessions stand out. One was with a participant, the other with a friend who showed up for one of the other workshops, saw me, and quickly booked a Bodywork session.

sacrum and spine

The sacrum, home to passion for life

In both cas­es, even a super­fi­cial look led me right to the ener­gy block­ages at the bel­ly (and low­er back) lev­el. In both cas­es, the women thought the block was in their chest. In both cas­es, release and real relief is all about regain­ing and rev­el­ing in their present­ly (self-blocked) passion.

Now, no doubt both can make a case for exter­nals ‘caus­ing’ their dis­tress. Yet, as we end­less­ly say, there are no exter­nals. All there is, is the sto­ry I tell myself. And the sto­ry is quite pow­er­ful, in that our bod­ies and sub­con­scious mind lis­ten, and cre­ate a bod­i­ly envi­ron­ment that match­es the story. 

In other words, we create our own reality, and then make the external world fit the story.

I amuse myself over (espe­cial­ly at The Haven, or one of our Body­work work­shops, where peo­ple are ‘primed’ to do their work) at how quick­ly par­tic­i­pants can ‘find’ their body. Again and again, I see peo­ple let go, with min­i­mal effort on either of our parts. Sud­den­ly, the blocked chi would come back on line, the bel­ly would expand, and the chi would flow. Deep feel­ings of pas­sion and pur­pose arose. Metaphor­i­cal­ly and actu­al­ly, peo­ple began freely to dance their lives.

This is not to say that, as soon as we remem­ber how our sto­ry is ‘sup­posed to’ be going, we do not shut things down again. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, we seem to have lit­tle patience for pas­sion, and lit­tle desire to be con­tent, pas­sion­ate, alive peo­ple. It appears, how­ev­er, and here is the grace, that each time we let go and return to feel­ing ful­ly, the cycling back to the dol­drums becomes a lit­tle less appealing.

I notice that when I go to The Haven, I take one day just to set­tle in. I begin to breathe even more deeply, and start dancing—a lot. I move, engage with oth­ers deeply, talk, encour­age, and become acute­ly aware of my own block­ages. By day 2, I real­ly start laugh­ing. Every­thing seems brighter, more vibrant, and I ‘get the joke.’ If I let myself, I stay in this state. Until I choose to leave (often with­out notic­ing the choice.)

It is no coincidence that another expression we have is ‘belly-laugh.’

Of course, we can make life seri­ous. Life can be seen as unre­lent­ing­ly crap­py. War, pesti­lence, and the oth­er horse­men are our con­stant companions.

Rela­tion­ships come and go, repeat­ed­ly. And in the midst of it all, there is the choice of how I will live.

I can ‘get the joke’ that every­thing out­side of myself is sim­ply data I inter­pret. I can get it that I have the option of how I will engage with life. I can choose pas­sion and big Hara expres­sive feel­ings, or I can choose to live a but­toned down, mean­ing­less, cold, alone existence.

The world does not care what you choose, and no one will ‘make it (and you) all better.’

The only rea­son to choose well is that you might actu­al­ly make some­thing of the life you have been giv­en. You might get the joke, see how your pas­sion and your spir­it are actu­al­ly the same thing, and you might walk in the Sim­ple Pres­ence of being.

Have endless ‘belly’ for life. The Buddha knew. And smiled.

Exercises: spend time breathing into your lower belly. Also, as you breathe, rub your belly (on the skin, as opposed to through clothes) clockwise and deeply. 

As energy begins to build and flow, open yourself to follow it wherever it goes.

belly rub

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