The Bodywork Perspective -10 Step Breathing Exercise

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10 Step Breathwork Exercise

Now that you’ve made progress with Breathwork, here’s a 10 step breathing exercise that also introduces you to some of the Bodywork Pressure Points.

This video shows the postures for the 10-step Breathing Exercise.

10 Step Breathing Exercise with music and counting

For this series of 10 postures, the breaths will be shorter, perhaps an IN 1-2, OUT 1-2 pace, and each position in the series will be repeated for 10 breaths. Read the list through and find the points before starting.

I’ve included pictures to help you locate the points on your body.

Take the normal breathing posture, lying on your back, knees up.

Position 1 — open and close eyes

Open your eyes wide on the in breath and scrunch eyes shut on the out breath.

Repeat 10 times.

Position 2 — jaw points
  • Open and close your mouth to find your jaw hinges. Press on both sides of your jaw

Place your fingers on your jaw hinges and massage firmly, while taking 10 breaths.

Position 3 — occipital indents
  • Locate the indentations where the skull meets the neck

Place your thumbs deeply into the occipital indentations — massage firmly, while taking 10 breaths.

Repeat 10 times.

Position 4 — collar bones

Find your collarbones. Using your fingertips on the top side of the collar bone, press in and massage at the centre of each collar bone, while taking 10 breaths.

Position 5 — intercostal spaces
  • chest diagramFind your sternum (breast bone – orange above), using the fingers of both hands. Slide your fingers outward. You’ll feel your ribs. At the point where the ribs connect to the sternum, insert your fingertips into the intercostal spaces, (the spaces between the ribs – red above.)

Insert your fingertips into the intercostal spaces (the red points on the illustration) on both sides of the breast-bone. Massage firmly.

The breath pattern changes for this position only. Take 2 sharp in breaths, and then exhale fully.

Repeat 10 times.

Position 6 — raise and lower arms

Raise your arms straight up on the in breath, let them fall to your side slowly during the out breath.
Repeat 10 times.

Position 7 — rub belly

Rub your belly in a circular, clockwise direction, preferably inside your clothes, while taking 10 breaths.

Position 8 — Bridge Pose

Go easy with this one! Don’t overextend!

Scoot your heels closer to your butt. Push your back up into the yoga BRIDGE position and hold it, while taking 10 breaths.

Lower yourself back down.

Position 9 — pubic bone

Return to the normal breathing position. Either under or over your clothing, find the top edge of your pubic bone, and massage in a clockwise direction, while taking 10 breaths.

Position 10
Touch your knees and ankles together. Press your legs inward (hard!) while taking 10 breaths.

Then let your knees flop wide open.

Rest, and reflect on what your body is feeling,
and any emotions you are aware of.

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