About Wayne & Darbella

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A Brief History in Time

The Phoenix Centre was established in 1982. My goal was simple – I helped my clients to be whole!

I closed my Private Practice, after 31 years, in June of 2013. I’m now devoting myself to travel, painting, photography. And my books, of course!

About Wayne and Darbella

Wayne C. Allen is the web’s Simple Zen Guy.

Wayne is a retired psychotherapist, and the author of 5 books, all counselling/zen related.

In his spare time he’s a painter and photographer.

He and Darbella have developed an Eastern focussed pain management course, Finding Your Flexibility, designed to help people recover from injury, gain flexibility of thought and body, and learn to live a centered and present life.

Wayne and Darbella now travelling the world, teaching, learning, and enjoying “retirement.”

About Wayne’s books:

Wayne’s approach to writing, life, and living comes from his love of Zen. His emphasis is on living in the now, and taking full responsibility for “how everything goes.” His books are written in easy to understand language, and his insights are fresh and to the point. Wayne emphasizes wholeness, peace, and clarity of thought.

You can read more about them at online booksellers, or at Wayne’s publishing site, https://www.waynecallen.com/press

Darbella MacNaughton was born in Campbellford, Ontario, just after Hurricane Hazel blew through Ontario. She grew up in Whitby, Ontario.

After completing a B. A. at York University in Toronto, she attended the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Ontario, where she earned an Ontario Teacher’s Certificate. An additional year was spent at the Sir James Whitney School, learning to be a teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

From there, it was off to Kitchener, Ontario, to teach for the Waterloo Region District School Board. Most of her 31 years were spent teaching Grade 7 and 8 Deaf and Hard of Hearing students who were integrated into the regular school programs. Other subjects taught included math, science and technology, computers, and Lego robotics.

Darbella retired in 2011, after 31 years of teaching.

During her time in Kitchener, she met and married Wayne Allen. She has enjoyed many opportunities working with him with clients and leading workshops.

In recent years, she has developed a passion for Qi Gong. She is working toward an online certification course for teaching Qi Gong.

She believes that her daily Qi Gong and meditation practice has made a tremendous difference in her life, allowing her to enjoy each of life’s moments to the fullest.

Darbella’s other interests include hiking, knitting, quilting, and designing and making mosaics and stained glass.